The Dodd J. Miller Training Center is located at 5000 Dolphin Road. The Training Center was completed in 1987 and contains 17,000 square feet of classrooms, an apparatus room, and offices. In addition, there is a driving course, a flashover chamber, a railroad tank car, a 7 story commercial simulator, a 3 story open drill tower, and residence simulator.
The Clothing and Supply Section is responsible for quartermaster services including firefighter personal protective ensembles, uniforms, fire station supplies, emergency medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. This section is in a 20,200 sq. ft. facility.

The Training Division

The Training Division is tasked with delivery of recruit training in accordance with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection's recommended curriculum. Dallas Fire-Rescue exceeds the minimum recommended hours for structural fire training due to the complexity of our large urban department. Our partner-training agency, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, provides EMS training so that new employees can function as firefighter/paramedics during emergency response work.

The Training Division is also held responsible for in-service training of firefighters during training modules delivered at the Fire Training Center. Fire Officers from the various ranks within our department are also provided with fire officer certification training. This training is designed to assist the department's officers with development of leadership, fire tactical and other skills essential to their respective ranks.

Fire Inspection school consists of the recommended state curriculum established by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection for Fire Inspector I, II, and Plans Review. In addition, Fire Inspection recruits are taught the current International Fire Code, as well as the locally adopted amendments, followed up by practical inspection principles and on-the-job training.

The Dallas Fire-Rescue Wellness Program is designed to provide a complete physical evaluation of each member assigned to the Emergency Response Bureau. The physical evaluates each member's medical condition and physical fitness level. The purpose of the program is intended to reduce injuries, provide early detection of serious medical conditions, and to promote better overall health and fitness. The ultimate outcome of the program is to ensure firefighters are prepared physically to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Frank McKinley
Assistant Chief
Training & Support
Adopt A Station
The Adopt A Station project was recently launched to allow citizens to help with station projects.
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