Fire Prevention and Inspection

The Fire Prevention and Inspection Division, under the direction of the Fire Marshall, Deputy Chief Christopher Martinez, is responsible for Code Enforcement, Inspections, and Education.

The Inspection & Fire Safety Prevention Division focuses on protecting citizens from injury. Fire Prevention Officers prevent fire through fire inspections and code enforcement activities. Emphasis is given to education during the code enforcement process so that the owner or manager is made aware of the necessity for fire prevention measures. Also, enforcement of the fire code allows for identification of unsafe property such as open, vacant structures which are a danger to the community and firefighters. This division provides injury prevention programs tailored to specific audiences...from children's puppet shows to industrial fire safety to programs that address the special concerns of the elderly.

Fire Prevention Officers, with the assistance of various volunteer groups, respond to citizens' needs by installing smoke alarms in the residences of people who lack this protection. After each preventable fire death, Fire Prevention Officers go door-to-door in the neighborhood where the fire occurred and talk to neighbors about the importance of fire safety. This offers an opportunity to install smoke alarms where none exist or provide fresh batteries for existing alarms. Those tragedies that occur close to home can often be used to make people more aware of the dangers in their own home and give them an opportunity to prevent such an occurrence.

Christopher Martinez
Deputy Chief & Fire Marshal
Fire Prevention and Inspection
Adopt A Station
The Adopt A Station project was recently launched to allow citizens to help with station projects.
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